Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ads and Ad Groups


Ads and Ad Groups

Well reading about the different ways to do ads and ad groups was really interesting.  Im not really sure how to use it for ice cloud.  The biggest thing for us is social media, i dont really think that the internet is going to be a good way for us to advertise.  People really dont look for ice cream places least i dont.  

For businesses in general i think that these tools are really effective in trying to get your site to be more popular and to drive more people to your store front.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ad Words


Ad words is pretty neat.  I think the idea is great.  For retail business i think it could be very very effective.  It would help people get to know who you are and to know your product.  If it is set up right i can see how it would help drive people to your site.

At this point for ice cloud im not sure if it would be worth setting up the add words because i dont think that people really such too much on the internet for Ice Cream.  In the near future we are going to start selling t-shirts and hats with the ice cloud logo on them.  When we start that up i think ad words will be more useful then they would be trying to sell ice cream.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Credit Card Payments


Online payments for any business is really important.  For Ice Cloud we are going to sell T-shirts and hats on the website.  We are also going to do a donation option as well.  Overall Google is probably the easiest way to accept credit cards.  It seems to me to be a little more universal then Amazon or Paypal.

When i shop online i ususally use paypal when I go to checkout, the reason why is all i have to do is put in my username and password and click accept payment and i am good to go.  I dont have to go through the billing info line by line putting in my info to never come back to the sight to use the account I just made with the individual site.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Text and Linkedin

10/15 late

Text message and Linkedin are two of my favorite things for business.  Linkedin is a very professional social media network.  It allows you to connect with people on a professional basis.  It is specifically designed to help you connect with people to further your career.  My favorite part about it is there is no room for personal drama which is a relief from the other social media networks.

Text messages as far as marketing is concerned is great.  I think it is one of the most effective ways to advertise.  As long as you share good content and dont over do it you will have a faithful following.

We used an awesome text message/social media service for ice cloud on saturday and it was really effective.  It was great advertizing and most of the people that came showed us a text they had gotten from the dealio.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013



I really think that YouTube could be a very effective way to market a business.  I think that the versatility with YouTube and what you can do really makes the options limitless.  If you business is all about teaching a skill you could show clips or parts of what you teach to spark interest in what you are doing.  I think the only downfall to YouTube is it takes some creativity to really be effective and not everyone has that ability.

YouTube for Ice Cloud I think could be very important.  It would be something that would let people know what goes on and how the Ice Cream is made.  I think that it would also give us a way to promote the unique ness of the business.

I am excited to think of ideas and put them together for a youtube channel.

Monday, June 3, 2013



Twitter for Ice Cloud LLC

I have personally never really used twitter myself so i don't really have an opinion on it too much.  One of the things that i didn't know that i learned was the you can created a twitter home page that people can go an look at.  I didn't know that i just thought people followed you and you them and that was it.  Having a home page defiantly would make it more business friendly in my opinion.

For Ice Cloud i think I need to use it to advertise and to get feed back from costumers.  Feedback right now is one of the things that we really need to work on.  We need to see what people really think of our product.

Twitter can be largely effective with all business.  My worry is just doing to much all at once.  I need to sit down and create a social media strategy and find a good way to really be effective and not overbearing.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Facebook, facebook, facebook...what will the world be without it?  It was amazing to me to see how many businesses have already taken advantage of facebook.  It makes sense that facebook would be an effective way to market because the vast majority of those people that will be potential customers have a facebook.

Facebook makes marketing relativily easy by allowing you to spend a little money to boost you post or to advertise to a certain group of people in an area.

I have a facebook page for Ice Cloud that we have been using to get the word out about our business in hopes that it will increase our sales.  I think that it has helped a little but not what i would like.  We are in the process of creating a facebook strategy that we hope will help us attract a local loyal following helping us stay aflot as a business.