Monday, June 3, 2013



Twitter for Ice Cloud LLC

I have personally never really used twitter myself so i don't really have an opinion on it too much.  One of the things that i didn't know that i learned was the you can created a twitter home page that people can go an look at.  I didn't know that i just thought people followed you and you them and that was it.  Having a home page defiantly would make it more business friendly in my opinion.

For Ice Cloud i think I need to use it to advertise and to get feed back from costumers.  Feedback right now is one of the things that we really need to work on.  We need to see what people really think of our product.

Twitter can be largely effective with all business.  My worry is just doing to much all at once.  I need to sit down and create a social media strategy and find a good way to really be effective and not overbearing.

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